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Why Us

chinese language centre

Study Mandarin in Qingdao with experienced teachers in comfortable classrooms. Modern facilities, international students, flexible curriculum, an excellent location, and a well-known reputation!

Study Chinese in QD

Study Chinese in QD

Qingdao is a beautiful middle ground between busy city and relaxing vacation. Sip on some fresh Tsingtao Beer after a long day of study, or chill with friends on the beach.You earned it.

Internship in QD


Looking for job experience in the growing China market? Want to improve your Mandarin ability and career skill? Come on, realize your intern dream in Qingdao with XMandarin.

Test Yourself

test yourself

How is your Chinese? Are you beginner, intermediate, or advanced? Take a test online now to know more about your Chinese level before you come to learn Chinese in Qingdao.

How to Enroll

how to enroll

It's quick and easy to sign up for Chinese language classes or internship in Qingdao at XMandarin. Step by step instructions and download links.

Corporate Training

corporate training

By virtue of our professional and international attitude, we are honored to be the Chinese language training school of choice for dozens of international and local companies.

Online Mandarin Learning Centre

Chinese Study Resources

Free Study Resources

Learning Mandarin isn't just about the classroom. Welcome to browse this garden of Chinese learning and enjoy the knowledge. All for free!

Chinese Video Lessons

teaching chinese video

Learn Chinese online with these useful free lessons. We have 20 (more soon!) unique videos featuring our teachers and students in (and out) of our classrooms.

XMandarin Culture Articles

XMandarin Culture Articles

Learning Mandarin is more than just Chinese grammar and pinyin, there are many popular Chinese phrases (土豪 for example), internet language, and still useful classical Chinese idioms. We frequently add new free Chinese culture lessons here.


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