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Qingdao China

Qingdao is a coastal city located south of Shandong province, faces North Korea, South Korea and Japan across the sea. She has harbor, light industry and textile making, home electrical appliance industry and electronic and scientific research on the ocean with tourism as its feature.


Qingdao has a northern temperate zone monsoon climate with the characteristics of a marine climate, such as moist air , abundant rainfall and four distinctive seas0ns. It is neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winter, the annual average temperature is 12.2OC.  The hottest month 15 August with an average temperature of 25OC and the coldest month is January when the temperature averages 1 . 3OC . The annual average rainfall is 775 . 6 mm. Due to its favorable climate and conditions, the city of Qingdao was chosen to host the Olympic sailing events for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Administrative division :
Q ingdao has been granted autonomy toundertake economic planning and budgeting , deputy province city, a status enjoyed only by provincial governments. There are 7 urban districts ( Shinan , Shibei , Sifang , Licang , Laoshan , Chengyang and Huangdao ) and 5 cities ( Jimo, Jiaozhou, Jiaonan, Pingdu and Laixi ) under the jurisdiction of Qingdao.

History and culture

Qingdao is famous for its historical and cultural heritages. Human setttement on this soil dates back 6000 years. The Dongyi nationality, one of the important origins of the Chinese nation, lived here and created Dawenkou, Longshan and Dongyueshi cultures. In the Eastern Zhou Dynasty ( 7708C – 256BC ), the town of Jimo was established, which was then the second largest in the Shandong region.By the end of the Qing Dynasty ( 1 644 一1 911 ), Qingdao had grown into a prosperous town. The establishment of Qingdao began on June 1 4th , 1 891 . In November 1 897, Germany occupied Qingdao by force. In November  1 914, Japanese invaders took Qingdao over. In December 1922 , the Northern Lords government regained the rule of Qingdao. After more than 7 years of occupation by the Japanese who invaded Qingdao again in January 1938, Qingdao returned, in September 1 945, to the hands of the Nationalist government. on June, 1 949, Qingdao was liberated.


The city is known as a summer resort with a rich historical background and natural beauty. There are many tourist attractions in Qingdao, including Mount Laoshan, bathing beaches and buildings with European style (Ba Da Guan). Many events, such as the Qingdao Foreign Economy and Trade Fair, the Qingdao International Beer Festival, the Love of Sea Festival, the Cherry-blossom Festival and Summer of Qingdao (Arts Festival) are held annually, entertaining thousands of domestic and overseas visitors.


It will be enjoyable for foreigners shopping in Qingdao, Zhongshan Road has a lot of small shops and boutiques, plus a lot of tourist-oriented shops.  Spend a day walking the full length of the road and you’ll get a variety of experiences. “Taidong” and “JUSCO pedestrian street” have been the new shopping precinct of Qingdao since year 2000.

 Jimo Lu is the primary bargain market in Qingdao, the best place to find all the cheapest goods, knockoffs, bootlegs, etc.  It’s located near the far end of Zhong Shan Road, but any cab driver will recognize “Jimo Lu” and get you there.

 Cultural Market is a little artist colony in Qingdao, where you get great deals on art, antiques, etc.  This is the same stuff they sell in the big Beijing “Friendship Stores” at about 1/10 the price, and open for heavy bargaining.  The location of market is not easy to find, however, and most taxi drivers know it. It’s located near the Taidong shopping district.  

Qingdao is one of China’s five largest ports; it is a major city for finance and foreign trade in Shandong province, and a leading industrial and tourist center as well.

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