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来一场传统美食之旅吧~!Let's go to a traditional Country Fair!

Are you going to Scarborough Fair ?

No!We're going to Tánɡqiú Huì Fair!

What is “Tánɡqiú Huì”?


different kinds of“冰糖葫芦(Bīnɡtánɡ Húlú)”,sugar-coated haws

more commonly called "糖球(tánɡqiú)" in Qingdao


“Tangqiuhui”is a grand event after the Chinese New Year. It's considered as the most important traditional event in Qingdao. In this Fair, you could watch traditional culture shows,and eat special snacks from all over the country as well.

some snack you may see on the fair

How can I go?




This Friday, XMandarin invite you to join us.Let's go to Tánɡqiú Huì together!

please feel free to bring your foreign friends together

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