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I became a Chinese chef!我成了一名“中国大厨"

China cuisine culture also called Chinese food culture is an important part of China culture in the aspect of cooking and leisure. Chinese cuisine culture goes sophisticated as the history of China goes.

China food also has a worldwide reputation due to its long-term spread from China to the other regions of the world. The famous China towns in different countries is firstly known by their special service of Chinese food.

Currently, Chinese food is easily found in every corner of the world, and it has become an impressive and influential symbol of Chinese culture.



The Chef Mark explains the Chinese table manner and cooking production process for us.



Everyone picks one dish and starts to make it with partners。



▲ Finished.


It was a really interesting experience for both students and the school staff. Everyone enjoyed this new way to find their new potential.

Every month XMandarin hosts activities like this for foreigners in Qingdao and we would love that you come and join us!


每个月XMandarin 都会为我们的学生举办这样的活动,我们期待你的参加。

See you next time!!

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