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Chinese Gourmet Party! 中华料理趴,还不快来!

22nd October // 10am // XMandarin

Hey XMandarin Folks!

This month, on 22nd October, we invite you to a “Chinese Gourmet Party”

It is a Party, because you can meet some friends, eat delicious food and relax yourself.

Meanwhile, it is NOT JUST a Party, because you need to learn and cook the food

at the beginning.

This time, we have picked up 5 traditional Chinese dishes for you, you may choose one of them to cook at the party!

Well..., who will be our teacher then?

Chef Mark (马克老师)

More than 40+ years cooking experiences

Former Chef de Cuisine of world’s luxury restaurants, China's Foreign Ministry and Embassy in North and South America

Founder of Mark Cooking Studio

Some useful information about the party:

1) Meet time: 9:30am

2) Meet Place: at XMandarin School, room 1605

3) Party duration: 10:00-13:00

(The party will be held in a traditional, quiet and lovely house in Ba Da Guan, you feel free to bring your foreign friends together:)

!!!How to join?

1) Contact to your teacher at class

2) come to our office(r1605) directly to let Elsa/Celine know

(Elsa’s wechat: 40230430; Celine’s wechat: 18661873212)

Event Fee: RMB120/person

Event registration deadline: 2017.10.18

See you there!!

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