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I made my own mooncake! 来看看我做的月饼吧!

Mid-Autumn Festival is held every year on the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar.

The festival celebrates the gathering off a milies, the thanksgiving for the years harvest and prayer for the blessings of marriage, children, longevity and good fortune.

Making and sharing moon cakes is the signature tradition and the holiday is celebrated on this day. So this year our XMandarin students went to a cake shop, to learn how to make the mooncake by themselves.







所以今年XMandarin 的同学们一起去了烘焙工坊,学习怎样制作月饼。

It was a really funny event that both students and the school staff enjoyed.

Every month XMandarin hosts activities like this for foreigners in Qingdao and we would love that you come and join us!

这是一次有趣的活动,老师跟学生们都非常喜欢这个过程。每个月XMandarin 都会为我们的学生举办这样的活动,我们期待你的参加。

See you next time!!

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