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书法课来了! Are you 'writing' or 'drawing' a Chinese word?

Hey! 还记得我们上个月的功夫课吗?生动的文化课和武术师傅专业的课程教授,如果你参与了的话,一定还记忆深刻吧!

Hey!Remember our Kungfu class last month? You must been impressed by the amazing Kungfu technique and the fascinating cultural lesson as well.



We learnt the history, developing, classification of Kungfu , also enjoyed videos and songs about it in the class. But what impressed me was some extremly pretty Chinese handwriting.




How did they do it? Do you also want to learn it?

Come and join our Calligraphy Class this month!

shūfǎ kè

书 法 课

do like this or this:

Using this: or this:


and these:

How do you think about it?

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