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June Promotion: Puppy is still there!

For NEW students



Come to XMandarin to consult our courses to get:

* 六月包粽子活动课程邀约 +

XMandarin地图1张 +


*An invitation to the ZONGZI MAKING event +

A Special designed Map +

An XMandarin cup


2) 如果您报名我们的"一对一/一对二/小班课“课程,并且分享“跟咨询顾问的合照”+“My journey at XMandarin”到微信朋友圈或者其它社交媒体,您将获得:

Book our Chinese courses and share "photos with our consult" +“my journey at XMandarin”in Wechat or other social media to get:


A Special designed sound box

For CURRENT students



Book new classes and continue to study to get:



*An invitation to the ZONGZI MAKING event +

An XMandarin cup


if you continue to study VIP One on One/One on Two/Group Class, and the tuition fee is over 4000rmb, you may get:


*VIP lessons*2

What are you waiting for? Hurry up!

你还在等什么呢? 快来XMandarin报名吧!

We hope to see you soon!

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