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天寒地冻,唯有美食不可辜负~Ice and snow, only food can't be given up

Cold weather can freeze my hands

freeze my heart

But it can not freeze my stomach




Every day, besides dream, only food can wake me up..


As the saying goes, no food is more delicious than dumplings.

Dumplings are not only a kind of food, but also a representative of Chinese food. Every part of it contains Chinese culture. It is each family's essential food, especially in Chinese new year. It expresses people's yearning and appealing for a better life.



This month XMandarin invite you to join our cooking event, we together make&enjoy dumplings

这个月新环球汉语带你一起, 边做边吃美味饺子!

The event will be held in a modern and lovely bar on Haikou Lu

please feel free to bring your foreign friends together


Meet time/集合时间 20th Jan, 2018,Saturday,10:30am

Meet Place/集合地点@XMandarin School, room 1605

Event duration/活动时长 10:30-13:30

Event Fee/活动费 RMB80/person

!!!How to join? 1) Contact to your teacher at class

2) Come to our office(r1605) directly to let Celine know (Celine’s wechat: 17667512561)

如何参与? 1)上课的时候直接跟授课老师报名



Hope to see u there!!

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